Meaning and History of Malas


Malas beads necklaces and bracelets are very fashionable right now. Discover the meaning and history behind them.

What is a Mala?

The word Mala comes from Sanskrit and means garland (माला). A mala is therefore a garland of beads that are used for meditation. This form of meditation is called Japa Mala. The principle of Japa Mala is to recite mantras while making the bracelet (one bead for each mantra).

Malas are made from different materials, such as wood (sandalwood or cedar), seeds, crystals and precious stones. When not used for meditation, this necklace brings a feeling of calm and peace to the person who wears it. Some say that malas have a healing power.

Nowadays, they are also a fashion accessory. They can be worn like a simple jewel.

Malas are a personal accessory. Their use depends on one’s aspirations, whether spiritual, religious or decorative.

My-Intention Le 108 Mala Necklace Lava Beads

01. A talisman for urban life

Urban life is stimulating but can be stressful sometimes. Wearing a stone or wooden bracelet helps to restore serenity.

02. An elegant meditation tool for yogis

It only takes a few things to practice yoga: a mat, a neutral colored tunic and… a beautiful mala.